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The most important source of information at Mor Çatı is the solidarity we build with women striving to escape violence. Information distilled through the experiences women share with us in our sessions in the solidarity center and shelter allows us to both monitor the implementation of mechanisms against male violence and make policy recommendations.

The experiences of women coming to Mor Çatı for support reveal what women need as they are trying to escape violence and the obstacles they are confronted with. In light of the information acquired from women and the experience brought by working in the field, we identify both what pro-women changes need to be enacted in legislation and the shortcomings in the implementation of existing laws. In order to overcome these shortcomings in implementation, we monitor and evaluate the work and policies of public agencies that have roles and responsibilities in combating violence against women, submitting information requests to do so. Our findings resulting from such monitoring and evaluation processes are shared with the public in an effort to put pressure on public authorities. Reports on the current situation are also sent to international monitoring mechanisms such as CEDAW and GREVIO.

In order to come up with recommendations for the effective implementation of laws, we also follow and report good practices from other countries, as well as partake in information and experience sharing as part of various international networks and platforms.

To achieve necessary legal improvements, we organize campaigns and actions through joint platforms composed of independent feminist and women’s organizations such as our own. Mor Çatı is a member of various platforms including the TCK 103 Platform, Abortion is a Right and the Decision Belongs to Women Platform (Kürtaj Haktır Karar Kadınların), the Group for the Emergency Prevention of the Killing of Women (Kadın Cinayetlerine Karşı Acil Önlem), Women Are Stronger Together (Kadınlar Birlikte Güçlü), the Alimony Rights Women’s Platform (Nafaka Hakkı Kadın Platformu), and the Istanbul Convention Monitoring Platform of Turkey (İstanbul Sözleşmesi Türkiye İzleme Platformu).