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Sharing the knowledge and experiences gained through solidarity with women, creating awareness, and promoting feminist methods in combating violence against women are some of Mor Çatı’s fundamental goals. This sharing and transmission of experiences takes place through various workshops. To become a Mor Çatı volunteer, everyone must first and foremost attend our volunteer workshop. In these workshops participants are filled in on feminist methods and approaches in addition to being given an awareness and information on violence against women. This is followed by an experience sharing workshop for volunteers that will carry out social work with women, where they are familiarized with our process and methods.

Similar workshops are also held with other women’s organizations working in the field of violence against women and offering counseling to survivors of violence. Workshops are given to public institutions such as bar associations and municipalities that have a role in the effort against violence in order to inform them on how to work with women who have been subjected to violence. Other need-specific workshops are also held for non-governmental organizations, universities and various institutions upon their requests.