Author: Mor Çatı

In Prevention Male Violence Law No 6284

25 June 2020
One of the most important pieces of legislation we may resort to when subjected to male violence is Law No 6284. This brochure seeks to provide information on how to...

Policies on Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centers against Male Violence throughout the 2010s: Sharing Experiences from Turkey and Europe

1 November 2017
Every year since 1998, as women from various organisations such as the feminist organisationsin different cities in Turkey and publicorganisations and municipalities, we come togetherin the Women’s Shelters and Solidarity/Counselling...

The rights’ defenders in detention are not alone! İlknur, Nalan, Özlem, İdil and all rights defenders must be released -immediately!

17 July 2017
The rights’ defenders in detention are not alone! İlknur, Nalan, Özlem, İdil and all rights defenders must be released -immediately! On 5 July 2017, 10 rights’ defenders, including our friends,...

We Condemn the Assault against Women’s and Human Rights!  

7 July 2017
    Ten human rights and women’s rights NGO members including our feminist fellow İlknur Üstün were detained by the police during a raid directed to a meeting on digital...

Women against Violence Europe (WAVE) launches the Step up! Campaign

25 May 2016
A campaign on the rights of women survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection WAVE’s press release about Step up! Campaign:  1 in 3 women in...

Inter-Agency Coordination and Budget Are Fundamental for Combating Violence against Women Effectively

15 April 2016
From 11 countries and 40 Women’s and LGBTI organizations, 200 participants were present at Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation’s Conference entitled “Policies on Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centers against Male...

Invitation To the International Conference

18 February 2016
Politics of Women’s Shelters, Solidarity Centers and Solidarity against Male Violence throughout 2010s: Sharing Experiences from Turkey and Europe. Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, is organizing a conference entitled “Politics of Women’s Shelters,...

Mor Çatı's activity report that gives information about the works of its solidarity center and women's shelter having been done in the first half of 2015 has been published!

5 February 2016
Mor Çatı, in its 25th anniversary, keeps up solidarity with women and children who were subjected to domestic violence, in its solidarity center and shelter. Women who are struggling for...

Call for the Solidarity Bazaar

10 September 2015
Arkaoda will be hosting a special solidarity and fun raising bazaar event that brings together some important NGO’s and co-ops.

2013 Annual Report

15 May 2015
During 2013, Mor Çatı volunteer social workers, pyschologists and lawyers provided social, pyschological and legal assistance to abused women and their children via phone, e-mail or face to face interviews....