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We refuse to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention!

By 20 March 2021June 2nd, 2021No Comments

We refuse to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention!

We refuse to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention! Although Turkey has stepped back from the obligation to prevent male violence against women, we will continue to maintain our solidarity with women and to grow stronger together as we have been for many years.

Turkey, the first country to ratify the convention in 2011 by undertaking the obligations to prevent male violence, punish the perpetrators, protect and support women against violence, withdrew from the Istanbul Convention one night with the president’s decision.

The Istanbul Convention, which is also the main reference of the Law No. 6284, draws attention to gender inequality as the source of violence, puts the support of women with a holistic approach at its center and emphasizes the prevention of violence as well as the protection of women from violence. Withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention means reversing the promise given to combat violence against women in the international arena, as well as not recognizing the state’s obligations in combating male violence and condemning women to violence.

Male violence is universal and political. In Turkey and all over the world, combating violence against women is only possible by preventing violence without any pretext or discrimination, protecting women against violence, punishing the perpetrators and producing integrated policies against violence. Countries’ cultures and traditions cannot be an excuse for violence against women. No value can be superior to the security of life of women and to the duty of the state to protect its citizens under all circumstances. All these have been disregarded by withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention.

For years, we have been witnessing the disregard of the Istanbul Convention in combating violence against women and the failure to fulfill the requirements of the Law No. 6284. We see the results in the lives of women., the costs of the state’s failure to enforce its own laws, thus to prevent violence are tried to be attributed to the Istanbul Convention. Attacks on women’s rights are increasing every year. As women, , we refuse even to  bring the Istanbul Convention up for discussion, let alone to terminate it.  and we do not accept the state to give up its obligation to protect all women, LGBTI + and children from violence!

As women, we do not give up either from the gains we have achieved through our struggle for years or from the struggle we wage for our lives or from establishing solidarity with each other!

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