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What is violence against women?

By 17 May 2013No Comments

One in every three women is exposed to physical abuse from her husband or lover at home. Violence against women is among world’s most widespread human rights violation. Women’s movements have been fighting against it since 1960’s. It is being considered that the patriarchal society lies behind the violence we face in every part of society. 

Men seeing their sovereignty under threat or their wish to strengthen this sovereignty cause violent behaviour. According to offical figures in 2006, 72 thousand 643 women were exposed to violence and 842 of them died as a result of these attacks. It is known that domestic violence by men damages children as well.  Physical injuries, as well as extreme fear, feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence are among these damages.  

Type of Violence 

Physical Violence:  Punching, slapping, hitting, biting, pinching, kicking, hair pulling, hustling, burning, shrugging, hitting with a tool.

Economic Violence:  Restrictions on economic freedom, not leaving money for household expenditures or leaving very small amount of money, constantly bringing to account, trying to insult by using money.

Verbal Violence: Destructive criticism, shouting, teasing, blame, name calling.

Sexual Violence: Forcing to engage in unwanted sexual activity, forcing to have sexual intercourse, trivializing your behaviours regarding sexual attitude, sexual abuse, using force during sexual intercourse.


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